Video conferencing do’s and don’ts

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When it comes to video conferencing, Daniel Post Senning would like to remind you the game is yours to win -- or lose. "Your ability to handle and manage [videoconferencing] tools says something about your professional brand and who you are," says Senning, author of Emily Post's Manners in a Digital World, Living Well Online and spokesperson with The Emily Post Institute. And that includes [...]

Easy Accounting Tips for Small Businesses

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We have the smartest and most clever accountant in the world. So we asked him to give us some accounting tips for small businesses just starting out. Here’s what he wrote. It’s solid advice from an accountant who saves us tons of money. If you want a referal to our personal accountant just let me know in the comments. Accounting Tips KISS. Keep it simple [...]

Guide to Choosing an Accountant

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Whether you are a business or individual, using a qualified tax professional is a sensible idea. This depends on your turnover. Different people demand different services of expertise from their accountant With so many accountants, you may find yourself asking. What type of accountant do I need? How do I choose one that has my best interest in mind? Is this a competent accountant? Reputation [...]

How Video Conferencing is Driving Business Growth

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Video conferencing has come a long way in the enterprise; this technology has begun to dominate business communications as it is the most appealing choice for enterprises to hold productive online meetings and make contact with others instantly when communication is essential; in particular, video conferencing is important when face-to-face collaboration between colleagues is necessary in a distributed workforce. Video along with rich-media applications, voice [...]

Understanding the Basics of a Family Law Property Settlement

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What is a property settlement? A property settlement is a final resolution of the ownership of property held by parties as a consequence of their marriage or relationship breakdown.  It enables each party to divide up their assets and then retain the assets they receive as their own property absolutely, moving forward in their lives. Important Facts The following are some of the important facts [...]

Towns with no Movie Theaters Make use of Outdoor Cinemas

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People love going to the movies for various reasons. But oftentimes, we do it to bond with our friends, family, and loved ones. It is the easiest and most convenient form of entertainment as theatres give films a whole new perspective as compared to when watching it in the comfort of your home. The large screen and the blasting sound effects are obviously 10x better [...]

Sydney’s Outdoor Cinemas

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One of the best things about summer is doing things outside. Outdoor dining, outdoor drinking, and yes - even outdoor movie watching. During the summer months, outdoor cinemas pop up all over the city and offer the perfect setting for Sydneysiders and visitors to take advantage of the warm weather and long nights. Most open air cinemas show recently released movies as well as classics [...]

Show an Outdoor Movie at School with Inflatable Movie Screens

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By using inflatable movie screen, you can set up an outdoor film screening at your school. There are numerous reasons for having a film showing event at school. It is a great way to get the students excited about learning and going to school. Outdoor movie events also make great fund raisers throughout the year. Also, these film showing gives children, parents, and teachers a [...]

5 Valuable Tips for Wedding Photographers

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Being a Sydney wedding photographer can be stressful and is often under high pressure. While all types of photography can be difficult, when handling weddings, there is only a single opportunity to get the right shot. With the bride and the group emotionally invested in every shot, this means you have to be careful and creative in taking these photos. Here are several useful tips [...]

6 Reasons Your Business Doesn’t Need Social Media

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The Top 6 Reasons why a business doesn’t need social media and trust me I’ve heard them all – are: We know our customers, we don’t need to listen to them online I prefer to talk to my customers face to face We don’t need/have new customers (closed system) Customers just complain online Our customers aren’t online (oh really?) We prefer to advertise through TV and [...]