For the past few years, car vinyl wrap and graphic design have been receiving phenomenal success, consequently opening new doors to the automotive industry. Nonetheless, there is more to car wraps than just printing on paper. Behind that jaw-dropping graphic beauty are tons of hard work and perseverance. The truth is, this is nothing like printing brochures where all you need is a handy piece of paper and a printer. To successfully create and print a vinyl wrap, you need years of experience and expertise.


Car vinyl wrap Sydney can be used for advertising purposes. Whether you simply want to create something new out of your old vehicle or you want to wrap up your car with an advertisement, a vinyl wrap is definitely a perfect choice. However, designing a car wrap if greatly different from creating templates, banners or logos for your business. Unlike ordinary vouchers where you can print your design as is, creating a design for a car wrap needs an intelligent, creative and highly technical mind.

Since the surface of any car is far from being flat, the designer must have all the right tools and the most up-to-date vehicle templates to be able to design a car wrap that will perfectly fit any car model.

Hence, when creating a design, important factors like the angles, the curves and the spaces in the car should be greatly taken into consideration. Failure to explore these intricate details would result to a car wrap that will not be able to clearly deliver the message you are trying to impart to your audience.


If you want to make sure that your car wrap can withstand the test of time and can survive long in spite of weather conditions, then you must greatly focus on the quality of the material that would be used for your car wrap. One of the longest and most established names in the car wrapping industry is 3M. This company provides a range of products that were perfectly engineered to suit all automobile needs. Even though the prices of some of their products are higher than other car wrapping companies, there is no need for you to think twice because with 3M, you are buying quality.

Likewise, the quality of your car laminate also has a big say on the longevity and durability of your car wrap. In this regard, you have two options—the cast laminate and the Calendared laminate. The cast laminate may be thrice as pricey as the Calendared, but it is more durable. Additionally, Calendared laminate easily fades away in time and it may cast bubbles on the curved areas of your vehicle. Therefore, if you want your car wrap to function the longest and survive even the most adverse weather conditions, a cast laminate is a much better choice.

Design and quality are absolutely two of the areas that you need to greatly consider making sure that your car is perfectly wrapped. Again, if you would have to choose between price and quality, always go for the latter.