Being a Sydney wedding photographer can be stressful and is often under high pressure. While all types of photography can be difficult, when handling weddings, there is only a single opportunity to get the right shot. With the bride and the group emotionally invested in every shot, this means you have to be careful and creative in taking these photos.

Here are several useful tips that can help the wedding photographers:


Communication between the bride, groom and the photographer is crucial for wedding photography. The photographer needs to understand and learn what the couple’s expectations are and what their requirements are.

Scout the location

To be better prepared for the event, it helps to scout the location ahead of time to get a full appreciation of the lighting. Taking several test shots can also help to understand the picture quality and find the best places to take the shots. If there are any potential problems, these can be solved before the wedding day.

Find out if the reception has certain rules and regulations with regards to taking photos. For instance, there are many churches that forbid the use of flash photography while the ceremony is taking place.

Create a shot list

Creating a well-planned shot list can ensure that the shoot will go as smooth as possible. The shot list is a great reference to avoid forgetting any key shots during a very hectic schedule. This list can be referred to the couple to confirm that it matches their requirements.

Carry extra photography equipment

Always pack an extra camera, batteries and cards just in case disaster strikes. It could be a complete disaster if any piece of equipment fails at a wedding because there would not be time to run out and replace it.

Get an assistant

An assistant can be helpful for various reason from helping out in gathering the family members for group shot to reminding you of certain requirements.